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    TMB Rental

    To meet the Financial requirement of the Owner of the building (Lessor).

    Term Loan

    • 50% of the Rent Receivable less TDS if any, over the Period of 84 months or Residual Lease / Rent Agreement Period, whichever is lower subject to a maximum of Rs.400.00 Lakh.
    • EMI Amount should not exceed 90% of Net Rent Receivable per month.

    Owners of Buildings and Commercial Properties in Semi Urban / Urban / Metro areas which are to be rented or already rented to Multi -National Companies / Banks / Reputed Corporate etc

    Margin : 50%

    Repayment :

    • 7 Years or Residual Lease / Rent Agreement Period, whichever is lower.

    Security :

    • On EQM of building against the rentals of which the Loan would be sanctioned. (150% of the Loan amount should be covered as Collateral Security)

    Interest :

    • Click for MCLR based interest rates.

    Fees & Charges

    • 1% of the Loan amount plus applicable taxes